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A must-listen for Wolfe readers

Like many readers of Gene Wolfe, I've often found myself coming up short when plumbing the depths of his works and trying to piece together what's between the lines. Most of the fan / academic discussions of Wolfe available online are either insufferable, inaccessible, or heavily slanted towards someone's personal interpretations. This makes it either impossible or at best frustrating and inconclusive for readers like me to enhance their understanding of the world, themes, and clues that all of Wolfe's stories are soaked in.

Phil and Metz bring a refreshing pair of perspectives as they tackle Wolfe's ouvre page by page. I was worried that a discussion format might cheapen or contort the text, but the way they work is actually an incredible boon to Wolfe readers.

The guys strike exactly the right balance between highlighting the prose, exploring the possible meanings / implications as they are revealed, and still preserving the unique experience of gradual recontextualization that makes these stories the masterpieces that they are.

I'm amazed at how much clarity and excitement this podcast adds to the treasures of my favorite author, and I can't wait for them to get into the Solar Cycle, which they've been working towards for a year now. The New Sun episodes are starting in less than a month!

Sept. 14, 2017 by Glangton on Apple Podcasts

Alzabo Soup