Alzabo Soup

Two fans discussing great stories that they love

Alzabo Soup is one of my favorite podcasts. Every time I read a Gene Wolfe story, I want to go have a long conversation with someone about it. The next best thing is listening to Phil and Metz discuss the story instead. The first time they branched out from Wolfe, the selection was excellent: Tom Stoppard's *Arcadia*. The best parts of the podcast are the times when they just get excited, and it becomes obvious how much the two of them love the stories that they are reading.

While I don't always feel like they have figured out the full story re: Wolfe, it's okay because I know I haven't either. Phil and Metz point out a lot of important parts of the literature that they are reviewing. They rarely claim to have "THE" answer and that's refreshing.

If you like science fiction or fiction with multiple layers, check this podcast out. It's great if you have read the stories or are looking for stories that you should be reading and want to think about them even after you set the book down.

April 9, 2017 by EThomasVerum on Apple Podcasts

Alzabo Soup