Alzabo Soup is the podcast where we literally become our favorite authors by devouring portions of their brains. We analyze engrossing speculative fiction with a chapter-by-chapter focus on acclaimed author Gene Wolfe. We have been podcasting since 2016 and have discovered our love for the deep dive, bad jokes, and of course our favorite author.

Here are some common questions and comments we get about the podcast and the material we cover:


Can I read along with your podcast without being spoiled?

When we read chapter-by-chapter we try our best to avoid spoilers and base our discussion on a first-time read. That said, Gene Wolfe is an author known for hiding things in front of your face and reorienting your entire view of a story with a tiny detail. You may be surprised how much you can learn from a close, first-time read!

When we cover stories or books in a one-episode discussion format, we will discuss the full work and include spoilers. 


When will you cover [insert Wolfe title here]?

Our goal is to cover as much of Gene Wolfe as we can. When we read chapter-by-chapter, it takes 4-6 months to finish a novel, so we usually get through about 2-3 novel-length works a year. If we continue at that pace, we have the better part of a decade to go before we get to everything.


I think you missed something/I think you got it wrong/I have a different idea about [story].

That's awesome! We talk about Wolfe a lot, but we don't believe we offer a definitive interpretation of any of his works. Part of the beauty of literature is that different readers with different experiences will take away their own readings, and we love that words, whether on a page or a podcast, can suggest more than one thing at the same time. We want you to think critically when you read, and that includes thinking critically about the ideas we offer. If you want to share something specific, feel free to contact us and let us know.

Do you have to make all these bad jokes and talk about chain restaurants/musical theater/video games/funko pops all the time?

Unfortunately, yes. Metz has a condition and Phil has no taste.




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About the Hosts

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When not talking too much about Gene Wolfe books and other speculative fiction, Andrew "Metz" Metzroth works as a performing arts designer and arts administrator based in Colorado. Since 2005, he has worked on or helped bring to life hundreds of theatre, dance, and music projects. Metz lives in Colorado with his wife, his daughter, and his three cats.

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Phil has been a fan of Gene Wolfe since college and names his RPG characters after Severian at every opportunity. He's the writer of the game 'Normal Club, which can be found on the Apple and Google stores, and he's always drawing something cool! Phil lives in Colorado with his wife, his son, and the newest member of their family, D'artagnan the dog.