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Alzabo Soup is Remarkable

It's funny, instructive, & entertaining. Honest. Not churlish. Offers critical analysis & commentaries that celebrate the subjects of their work. Considering its scholary subject matter, the show is unusually organic & is always getting better. An infectious curiosity and enthusiasm permeates the whole show. The guys have an easy, often hilarious rapport & a natural affinity for the bizarre. You will soon feel that you are among old friends. You know that feeling you get when you stumble upon something so brilliant, so original--a book or a film or an artist or a song--that it changes you from that moment on & you think ... how did I never know about this before!? Why didn't somebody tell me!? Well, now somebody is. Listen ... to Alzabo Soup.

It's like being a part of a great book club...

...dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Gene Wolfe. The hosts are great and bring wonderful insights to the texts. I look forward to every single episode. Seriously, if you're a Gene Wolfe fan, why aren't you listening to this podcast? Do it!

What's the worst that could happen?

Like mystery plots? Like the idea of a book club? Give it a chance! Forget any complaints you might have heard about the complexity of Gene Wolfe's books. This podcast starts off covering The Sorceror's House - which is a fantastic introduction to Wolfe, costs just a couple bucks online and is a light and pretty easy read (on the surface anyway...). If you have any interest in Gene Wolfe, I can't encourage you enough to jump on board and try this podcast out. Not sold? Read on then: Gene Wolfe is an extremely good - but not particularly well known author. His novels typically have either a) Labyrinthine plots or b) Difficult prose that demands a close reading. His most well known books - the Book of the New Sun, of course contain both of those things. What a relief to find a podcast that tackles Wolfe's work on a deep level, but does so in a lighthearted and laid-back way! Both the hosts have great chemistry and are excellent at breaking down and communicating their thoughts about Wolfe, while having a good time. I've read some other attempts at analyzing Wolfe's work online and it honestly typically reads like self-important "Bible code"-esque nonsense; I'm glad to say that this podcast is easy to follow, doesn't get lost in the weeds and perhaps most importantly doesn't present itself as the one "objectively correct" interpretation of Wolfe. If you're a fan of Wolfe, you owe it to yourself to try this podcast out. If you've never read a Wolfe book but this sounds interesting - then pick up The Sorceror's House and give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen?

Quirky exploration of wonderful material

I'm a long-time reader of Gene Wolfe, and delighted to hear Phil and Metz discuss it with the same sort of enthusiasm that I feel. Their quirky humor livens things up, and their careful reading of Wolfe and Tom Stoppard has really helped me appreciate those works in new ways. Thanks guys, can't wait to hear what's next!

Two fans discussing great stories that they love

Alzabo Soup is one of my favorite podcasts. Every time I read a Gene Wolfe story, I want to go have a long conversation with someone about it. The next best thing is listening to Phil and Metz discuss the story instead. The first time they branched out from Wolfe, the selection was excellent: Tom Stoppard's *Arcadia*. The best parts of the podcast are the times when they just get excited, and it becomes obvious how much the two of them love the stories that they are reading. While I don't always feel like they have figured out the full story re: Wolfe, it's okay because I know I haven't either. Phil and Metz point out a lot of important parts of the literature that they are reviewing. They rarely claim to have "THE" answer and that's refreshing. If you like science fiction or fiction with multiple layers, check this podcast out. It's great if you have read the stories or are looking for stories that you should be reading and want to think about them even after you set the book down.

Great podcast

Really insightful discussions about Gene Wolfe, possibly the greatest sic fi writer of our time. These guys do a great job! The back and forth is often hilarious and always enlightening. Can’t wait for more!

Good Pod Cast

Really enjoying this podcast.

Good stuff

Insightful and amusing close reading of Gene Wolfe (and presumably other speculative fiction authors whose work will stand up to the analysis). I've enjoyed it so far, and can't wait until they start on the Solar Cycle.

Great to see Wolfe being talked about so eloquently

This is a great podcast, discussing the underrated work of Gene Wolfe. If you're looking for an entry point, or know his work and want to hear more in depth conversation, this is the podcast for you.

Excellent podcast

I'm impressed by the hosts' keen and enthusiastic exploration of a complex and tricky book. Sound quality is great. Metz and Phil have an entertaining rapport. Recommending this to all my friends who love Gene Wolfe's work and any who have been hesitant to take the plunge.